About Us

Ideal Interface is a specialised team of people who have worked together for many years. Between them they have a great range of experience in the digital industry that will help deliver the right solutions for you. Despite our different backgrounds and skills, the one thing we all share is the passion for digital.

Find out more about some of the key people at Ideal Interface:

Hayden Sutherland

Hayden is a director and founder of Ideal Interface, who has been designing, building and implementing online solutions for 20 years.
T: 0780 1341955
E: Hayden@idealinterface.co.uk

Marc Ames

Marc has been a marketer for over 20 years, and for over 15 of them he has been involved in digital and online marketing. He has previously headed-up the online marketing for a major financial services company and now runs the digital marketing division of Ideal Interface.

Moya Sutherland

Moya is a senior level business and technology consultant who has worked for some of the most respected global consultancies. She runs the communications and PR part of the business.

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